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Videoblog: 160624 “Independence” Day

It felt important to put another link in the chain today even though I didn’t feel like talking much.  Processing… processing… processing.

Shock is a weird thing, it will be interesting to look back on this once it’s passed.  Thanks to all who came to Tuttle this morning to share their experience of shock, grief, acceptance, tolerance and love.  More will be revealed!

Also I need to experiment more with this new camera so that I’m not all out of focus 🙂

Podcast: Talking while I draw

I sat down to do some more tracing tonight and thought I’d talk to the voice recorder while I did it.  Just a few reflections on what’s going on and how it all works for me.  Beware of the false ending just before 33 minutes.

Download: Tracing (36MB)

Here’s the first frame that I refer to, I’ll post the animation when it’s finished.

from London Terminus (1944)