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“Something’s going to happen”


I’m still playing with animations. There are a bunch directly from London Terminus and other British Council Films including some tracings.

Then there are the things like the one above which is a single image repeated several times with minor amendments and then looped. It’s called “boiling” apparently.

Iterations, circles, going round again just with a little difference.  If you haven’t seen “Inside Llewyn Davis” yet, please do.

I showed today’s batch to a friend and she said “It looks like something’s going to happen”. And yes it does, there’s a kind of constant winding up of potential. But nothing ever does. It just keeps going round in circles. Or something.

Podcast: Talking while I draw

I sat down to do some more tracing tonight and thought I’d talk to the voice recorder while I did it.  Just a few reflections on what’s going on and how it all works for me.  Beware of the false ending just before 33 minutes.

Download: Tracing (36MB)

Here’s the first frame that I refer to, I’ll post the animation when it’s finished.

from London Terminus (1944)