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Make Something Every Day – FAIL 001 (was Podcast)

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

My heart kind of sank when I saw that I’d drawn “podcast” today. I haven’t made a podcast for quite a while and the reason for that doesn’t seem to be that I haven’t given myself time to do it. Because today, I gave myself the whole day to do it and I couldn’t do it.

Or to be more precise, I couldn’t do anything that I wanted to publish. So in that sense it’s not so much of a fail – it’s just like those other days when I made something, and I wrote about it here, but I didn’t show it here, because it wasn’t finished or interesting enough or whatever. Except those other days I felt quite good about the doing, whereas today I didn’t even enjoy the process.

I started podcasting a long time ago. There are teenagers making podcasts today to whom I could legitimately say “I was podcasting before you were born, kid!” And when I started it was a very exciting way of getting my voice out there. And saying things in a natural way, as they came to me, rather than crafting something written. But today everything was bleh, my heart wasn’t in it and I kept thinking of other things I’d rather be spending my time on.

I started off making a little intro and pulling in bits of audio from the scrap pile, a bit like yesterday’s film piece. And I made a little list of the things I might want to say but when I started actually making some stuff, I was way too self-conscious and blabbery.

So I went for a walk and a think and a coffee and got some groceries and thought perhaps I was just taking it too seriously. So when I got back i invented a little game – take 10 flickr pictures at random and then talk about each one. I use this tool and set it up so that I couldn’t actually see the pictures but was able to copy the URLs and then open them while I was talking. It still doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now that I write about it, and I gave it a good shot, but once it was finished and I’d put on a little outro, I knew that I wasn’t going to share it, it just needs much more work to whittle it down to something listenable.

Now long-term listeners of mine may be thinking “when did this worry you in the past? We’ve heard some atrociously unlistenable tosh from you and we still love you.” but for some reason this is just not as easy to publish and forget about as either the old old stuff or the other things I’ve been making in the last few days. There’s something more intimate about putting my voice out there and this just feels like bad impro.

Dunno. It may pass, but for today, I’m not sharing it and can’t really see anything in the medium that interests me – and this is me, who in every other area so far has thought “forget the established forms, just do what you want to do with this thing”. I don’t know whether I want to keep “podcast” on the list.

Eh. We’re allowed to have such days.

For completeness, here are the photos I talked about. It’s quite weird seeing what came up.


“A bit of Blockchain” with @berniejmitchell

One of the immediate benefits of working in downtown Euston has been that I’ve been reminded of this podcast I did with Bernie a few months ago when we first started talking about the “Airbnb of Brains”.

Check it out. It has a bit of Blockchain, but it’s mostly about different ways of working together. I’m listening myself for the first time, it’s not bad!

Truphone Tour: @jamestagg at @indiedesk in Los Angeles #DTLA

Download Part 1 mp3 (28MB)

Download Part 2 mp3 (26MB)

Here’s another version of James’s talk (Part 1) and Q&A (Part 2) at the last of our four public events in different cities across the US. I’m looking forward to intelligent agents that can listen to these and tell us some interesting things about the differences between them.

It was fascinating being in one of the Wells Fargo towers and seeing how co-working is happening in these unused spaces in Downtown L.A.

We’re very grateful to Athena & Kevin from  Truphone for their support while we’ve been on the West Coast (& thanks for bringing the schwag!) as well as Eli Calderon-Morin from Mobile Monday Silicon Beach for helping us co-ordinate it. Also thank you to Andy Rosillo and Indie Desk for looking after us so well.

Truphone Tour: @jamestagg speaks in NYC. Thanks @Truphone @Thundrfoot @LMHQ

Download Part 1 mp3 (27MB)

Download Part 2 mp3 (34MB)

Last Thursday, James spoke to a large, friendly and enthusiastic audience at the Lower Manhattan HQ event and meeting space (overlooking Zuccotti Park) about his work, the limits of AI and the future of mobile technology.

The first audio is just James’s speech and the second is an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A.

We’re really grateful to Jonathan Allen, Adrienne Todd and Demmi Choo of Longneck & Thunderfoot who helped enormously on the ground spreading the word ahead of the event and contributing on the day. You can read Demmi’s round-up here. They also arranged for video to be shot, which is coming soon.

A big shout out too to Truphone’s Randi Cohen who has been quietly and efficiently smoothing everything along for our trip back and forth across the States.

Podcast: USA Tour Preview with @jamestagg & @technokitten

Download (20MB, 20 minutes)

I took a break from packing and double-checking the weather forecast for NYC to catch up with James and Helen about what they’ve been doing this week and to look forward to where we’re going to be over the coming days.

If you’re reading/hearing this after Monday May 2nd you’ve missed Swedish Beers in San Francisco. Tomorrow morning (3rd), James and Helen will be in Mountain View for brunch. Then I join them in New York for breakfast on Thursday before we all zip back together cross-country to finish up at an evening meetup in Los Angeles next Monday May 9th.

All details are on the Mobile Heroes site and you can find out why I might be so excited to have a Truphone SIM at truphone.com

Podcast: #IWD2016 Debrief at the end of the day with @technokitten

Download (6MB)

A little postscript to the interviews we did on International Women’s Day. Before we went off to sit in the National Theatre kitchen and have some tea (I had some chips, I think Helen had some soup, but I was too tired to remember clearly) we sat and talked over what had gone well and what we’d like to do next time. And of course, a big thank-you to all the people who got involved.

Podcast: Muki Kulhan on working with young people for #IWD2016 @mukiapproved

Download (8MB)

We bundled Muki into the back of our cab and drove her round the block, asking her about what IWD means to her and what’s good about it.  She talks about the challenges of sexism and being judged adversely at work. But her hope for the future is rooted in her recent mentoring work with younger people including London360, Apps for Good and the BBC micro:bit.

Helen Keegan and I spent International Women’s Day interviewing women (and some men) in tech (and other sectors!) in London about their experience of gender in the workplace and where we’re at with equality. We’re releasing the audio as podcasts over the next couple of days with minimal editing. We will produce a digest of all the conversations later in the week.


Podcast: Sue Black OBE @Dr_Black on her hopes for the future of equality in tech #IWD2016

Download (7MB)

Thanks to mobile technology we were able to be flexible on our journey across London on Tuesday and that meant being able to arrange on the fly to intercept Sue Black on her way to the IWD debate at the House of Commons later in the afternoon. We got to flick through a copy of her book, Saving Bletchley Park, which came out on Thursday

Sue tells us how she started out, about the writing and speaking she does now and running #techmums which builds confidence in disadvantaged women and encourages them to start coding. She talks about her early experience of setting up networking opportunities for women like BCS Women and how although progress on gender equality can feel really slow, she does feel a change in people’s attitudes recently and how being a geek is becoming trendy. She finishes up with what she was hoping to hear in Parliament and then we let her speed off to Westminster.

Helen Keegan and I spent International Women’s Day interviewing women (and some men) in tech (and other sectors!) in London about their experience of gender in the workplace and where we’re at with equality. We’re releasing the audio as podcasts over the next couple of days with minimal editing. We will produce a digest of all the conversations later in the week.

Podcast: Imogen Wethered from @qudini (solving queuing) #IWD2016

Download (6MB)

We dashed over to Accelerator in Kingsland Rd to meet Imogen from Qudini

The product was born at a hackathon in 2012 to help solve queuing using NFC technology.

Imogen describes her move to tech from advertising, what IWD means for her as well as her approach to helping women achieve pay parity and share parenting opportunities.

Chat about #Tuttle, Unconferences, Open Space with @zosiaap

Download (34MB)

I spoke this morning with Zosia Poulter who’s studying for an MA in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths (thanks to lovely Sian Prime for the intro). She was interested in hearing more about my approach to gathering people together to talk and do stuff.  I said yes, on the condition that I could record the conversation and publish it.

You might find it interesting if you’ve only had a little experience of self-organising conferences/events or you’ve heard of them but haven’t been able to get to one. I found it interesting to have a forum to join some of the dots for myself.

Some things that I mentioned that might be useful further reading:

Open Space Technology
The First BarCamp
An Early Sign-Up Page for Tuttle
Current Tuttle Facebook Group