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Podcast: Muki Kulhan on working with young people for #IWD2016 @mukiapproved

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We bundled Muki into the back of our cab and drove her round the block, asking her about what IWD means to her and what’s good about it.  She talks about the challenges of sexism and being judged adversely at work. But her hope for the future is rooted in her recent mentoring work with younger people including London360, Apps for Good and the BBC micro:bit.

Helen Keegan and I spent International Women’s Day interviewing women (and some men) in tech (and other sectors!) in London about their experience of gender in the workplace and where we’re at with equality. We’re releasing the audio as podcasts over the next couple of days with minimal editing. We will produce a digest of all the conversations later in the week.


Steve Bowbrick & Bloggers-in-residence

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I caught up with Steve Bowbrick at the BBC a few weeks ago to have a chat about something I’d seen him doing on a site called Common Platform – describing himself as “blogger in residence” at the BBC looking at the theme of openness in that august institution.

It’s over now, and Steve’s moved on to run the BBC Radio 4 blog but it’s fascinating for to hear the who, the how, the why and the what the jiminy he was up to.

Needless to say, if you work for the type of institution we were chatting about here and you fancy a blogger in residence to explore a theme for your organisation, we can discuss terms. You know where I am 🙂

Podcast: Steve Bowbrick on Openness at the BBC

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