Coming down

Tired and a little anti-climactic for being at the airport, waiting for a long time for my plane, while everyone else is off eating & chatting together, continuing the session from earlier at some Australian place in Rembrandtplein.

A very good afternoon for me – the session was the Knowledge Board sponsored session on Personal Knowledge Management led very smoothly by Ton and featuring teasers from Lillia, Ton, Martin, Piers, Heiko, yrs truly and Florian. I introduced the subject of emotional response to KM & PKM, in particular the issue of fear for all knowledge workers. The wiki on which Ton, Lillia & Piers planned the session will also be used for recording results and I will probably go there to describe in detail the conversation that we had as a result, but the big things for me were a clearer understanding of what I’m talking about when I say PKM and reassurance that this is a subject that’s been ignored because it’s hard rather than it being irrelevant. To summarise what was said about fear: we recognised that it’s part of everyone; that part of being a good manager is about helping your people deal with emotional issues; that a solution lay in giving people something to believe in, something to be inspired by, because, as eny fule no wot has red enything by Carole Caplin, faith is the opposite of fear.

New people for me to e-mail & stay in touch with:
and others drifting in and out of short-term memory.

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