Perhaps you had to be there

I’d forgotten that I sketched this on Monday afternoon having just arrived and grabbed a cup of tea – hadn’t seen anyone to talk to yet and so just did this in my Journal. Over the two days I think I saw this guy with the floppy hair here more often than on any stand. For some people these Fatboy beanbags were the highlight of the conference 😉

2 thoughts on “Perhaps you had to be there”

  1. Hi Lloyd,

    actually I think he was part of the consulting company that placed the beanbags there. He was there to strike up conversations with people in the coffee corner (without behaving like a direct marketing phonecall at 6 pm). I talked to one of his colleagues. Judging by your entry here there probably haven’t been too many conversations.



  2. Aaaah, that explains it, thank you – now I think about it, he did always seem to be waiting for someone…

    Nice try, but I wonder what sort of conversations he was hoping to have (not the sort we were having I’ll bet!)

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