Podcasting happens at the nicest places

Sitting in Guildford Starbucks with the Prince of Pod, Adam Curry. Wow!

We’re surrounded by young(er) people but we just managed to get a seat next to the power point and now both in net-mode hunched over respective laptops. Adam just paused to geek-drool a little over my tablet pc. I’ll let him see more in a minute.

But couldn’t let this moment pass without popping it into the blog – Pictured here Adam does his bit for *$$s world domination by ensuring the logo is in full view.

ac at star$$s

[UPDATE] Just to clear up this geek-drool thing – yes it’s a PC, not a mac and and no foodstuffs were involved. Yet there were clear signs of geek-drool (or at the very least the pre-drool widening of the eyes and slackening of the jaw that is widely associated with an oncoming drool attack.) Being a well-brought-up English chap, I chose to abstain from snapping another picture of the great man in mid-tech-trance and anyway, Adam’s attention was gradually diverted back to the glow of his 17″ iBook and the growing crisis that was the falling-over of ipodder.org