Podcasting happens at the nicest places

Sitting in Guildford Starbucks with the Prince of Pod, Adam Curry. Wow!

We’re surrounded by young(er) people but we just managed to get a seat next to the power point and now both in net-mode hunched over respective laptops. Adam just paused to geek-drool a little over my tablet pc. I’ll let him see more in a minute.

But couldn’t let this moment pass without popping it into the blog – Pictured here Adam does his bit for *$$s world domination by ensuring the logo is in full view.

ac at star$$s

[UPDATE] Just to clear up this geek-drool thing – yes it’s a PC, not a mac and and no foodstuffs were involved. Yet there were clear signs of geek-drool (or at the very least the pre-drool widening of the eyes and slackening of the jaw that is widely associated with an oncoming drool attack.) Being a well-brought-up English chap, I chose to abstain from snapping another picture of the great man in mid-tech-trance and anyway, Adam’s attention was gradually diverted back to the glow of his 17″ iBook and the growing crisis that was the falling-over of ipodder.org

5 thoughts on “Podcasting happens at the nicest places”

  1. Sweet. The tech power center has switched from some kids garage to a starbucks….had to happen sooner or later. If you run into Adam agin, give him a thumbs up for me.

  2. Drooling over a PC?? – It appears more likely it was over the cakes, granola bars, at least 3 grande lattes and frappe.

    Looks like quite a lucrative afternoon for the ownership.

    Tee hee, I guess I’ve been doing much the same myself ….I wish it could be Christmas everyday (as some other old glam rocker used to say).


  3. ahem… Mr Curry’s lawyers have asked me to make it clear that the detritus in the foreground of this picture was left by other and previous customers at the Guildford Starbucks. For the record, during the ninety minutes or so that I was with him, Mr Curry consumed one grande cappuccino (with a dash of sugar) and one grande english breakfast tea (with milk and also a dash of sugar) while I took two grande english breakfast teas. Not a morsel of granola, muffin or carrot cake passed either of our lips. What the podmeister got up to after I left, I couldn’t say of course, but look at the man, he’s in great shape and still has the girls a-swoonin’.

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