The Podcasting begins

So after an afternoon getting the gospel according to Adam, my inner critic folded for just long enough for me to record my first Perfect Path Podcast.

You can get it in mp3 format from here – The first post always sucks!

The extent of my show notes is – The first page always sucks; Meeting Adam yesterday; We’ll see how all of this goes; Gotta work on signing-off (bigtime) and adding some music.

I’m also seeing how MT-Enclosures works out – there should be an enclosure now in but I think I have to create a new category of Podcasts to make sure it pings

Please do leave comments or e-mail me – like it says in the title, it does suck, but I now know stuff I didn’t know before, and I’d really like to hear how you think it could be better too.

5 thoughts on “The Podcasting begins”

  1. Lloyd –

    Your first Podcast most certainly did NOT suck. You did what most never do – taking that first step over the line.

    I’ve just added you to my blogroll at and I think your PerfectPath practice is a good service to know about for those of my clients.

    Would like to get to know you better. Keep up the great work!


  2. In the 1920s, the Los Angeles Times put station KHJ on-the-air. In those first days of terrestrial AM Broadcasting they were so overjoyed with this form of instaneous communications where there was “no connection between the speaker and the hearer,” that when a freak thunderstorm hit Los Angeles, they stuck a mike out the window and broadcast that. Several days later, they got a letter from Florida praising their broadcast in futuristic terms.

    I thought about that last night when listening to your podcast here in Florida; I knew this was history repeating.

    With every advancement in media technology, our first attempts are to try to force an old style into a new medium. We put vaudeville on motion picture film, put radio shows on television, and now we’re finding our way with podcasts acting like they’re some amalgam of radio and voicemail. There’s so much more that can be done that I’m on fire with the possibities.

    First attempts are wonderful. They have a charm of innocence that is rare in a cynical world. You get it. Your suggestions (plan more, maybe script it) are good ones. It took us nearly 20 years in radio to get from KDKA announcers reading election returns and scooping the papers to an understanding of the medium by broadcasters and the public that Orson Welles could effectively use to convince us the Martians had landed at Grovers Mill, New Jersey.

    Our learning curve with podcasting is going to be amazingly fast. I could hear it happening even as you spoke to me, from across the pond, “with no contemporaneous connection between speaker and hearer.”

    Keep it up.

  3. Perfect! I happened to be walking when Soho-to-Westminster came up on my ipod’s playlist. I was transported, having done your walk many times myself. Thanks, Lloyd. Looking forward to more.
    –Bill Bauer from rural Maryland, USA, where buskers are very rare.

  4. Bill, thank you, what a lovely comment.

    There’s more in the can from today, it’ll be up soon. It struck me this afternoon that I’m really fortunate to be able to do this stuff in London – it’s such a rich and vibrant place, there are so many opportunities for blogging, photoblogging and podcasting just walking about.

    I intend to keep doing it until I’m told not to or I get bored myself.

    Don’t know if that snow’s got as far south as you (I think I saw it was in DC so I guess so) but hope you’re keeping warm whatever the weather.

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