Didn’t someone think to bring a toBLOGgan?

Great pictures on AKMA’s flickr stream of the fun today in Chicago – I miss having enough snow here for snowballing.

Two aspects obviously differentiate the Chicago event from the European predecessors that I’m sure will have affected the conversation subtly – fewer women (Lilia, I think was the only one!) and a higher proportion of native English speakers (I’m not as sure on this one, but I’d guess Lilia again might have been the only non-native anglophone).

One post-it I noticed on the window-wiki said “How do you force people to blog?” My glib answer: “The same way we ‘forced’ them to type their own letters”

I’m looking forward to other perspectives as they come up – I’m sure Lilia drummed into them the importance of pinging the topic exchange channel.


I saw weird stuff in my search query logs today – at first I thought it was funny and a bit crazy that people were finding me through “beastiality”. I tried to think where I’d mentioned (and mispelled) such practices. Then, I happened to look back at an archive post and realised why – although I’ve managed to throttle (I love that word) the comment spammers with Chad Everett’s MT-Approval (Now v1.0!) btw they don’t seem to be at all discouraged and keep trying to post away.

Anyway it turns out that now I’m getting trackback spam and had been pinged about sixty times in the last fortnight with really nasty stuff. I’ve cleared it all out but it does make me mad – I don’t want to put anything in the way of people pinging me, but I don’t know what else to do – I’ve set MT to e-mail me when I get pinged.


Sound-seeing Soho to Westminster

So yesterday I was going from my office in Soho down to a meeting in Westminster, and rather than a boring bus trip or complicated tube journey, I gave myself a little extra time and walked down Dean St, turning left into Old Compton St, through Moor St and over Cambridge Circus, down Charing Cross Road, through St Martin’s Place into Trafalgar Square, down into Whitehall, right through Parliament Square to my destination in Victoria St.

Hey, but why have I told you all that, you can listen to it in glorious, if traffic-noisy mp3 right here: Soho to Westminster

Though of course if you’re really smart, you’ll already have got it through RSS 2.0 *with Enclosures*

[update]… or not, there seems to be some plugin conflict going on and my rss2.0 feed isn’t rebuilding. investigating, but it’s saturday so may have to wait.
[later]OK, found a workaround, should be ok now.