Sound-seeing Soho to Westminster

So yesterday I was going from my office in Soho down to a meeting in Westminster, and rather than a boring bus trip or complicated tube journey, I gave myself a little extra time and walked down Dean St, turning left into Old Compton St, through Moor St and over Cambridge Circus, down Charing Cross Road, through St Martin’s Place into Trafalgar Square, down into Whitehall, right through Parliament Square to my destination in Victoria St.

Hey, but why have I told you all that, you can listen to it in glorious, if traffic-noisy mp3 right here: Soho to Westminster

Though of course if you’re really smart, you’ll already have got it through RSS 2.0 *with Enclosures*

[update]… or not, there seems to be some plugin conflict going on and my rss2.0 feed isn’t rebuilding. investigating, but it’s saturday so may have to wait.
[later]OK, found a workaround, should be ok now.

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