Corporate Podcasting

This morning my ipodder brought me three minutes of excitement and inspiration.

Gerald Buckley works for AAPG the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and he’s put together a kind of internal communication/diary announcement podcast for them. The combination of heavy technical oil speak and the funky backing track he uses can get a bit surreal, but it’s a great example of what can be done – just 3 minutes of content that (I presume) is totally tailored to the client’s need. Gerald sees it like HTML in 1995, it’s the kind of stuff that anyone could do, but people will pay to have it done for them, at least for now.

This might add some flavour to the Chicago Blogwalk discussion that’s happening in the next couple of days on blogging in corporate settings. I think it’s an interesting example of the way we might go so I’m pinging the topic exchange site to let them know.

One thought on “Corporate Podcasting”

  1. Thanks for the feedback Lloyd (I’ll change out the funky music bed today). To further the Chicago discussion a bit more…

    AAPG’s membership is made up of c. 30,000 members (many of which are students and people in large urban areas with long commutes). The audience (commuting professional or student) is probably fairly well suited to the format (MP3/short/info dense/calls to action).

    If this were a group for recipe trading… I don’t think the format would work nearly as well (depends on the recipes).

    I do believe there are several applications waiting out there for enterprising folk to prove out and profit from. The window is probably smaller than that of the early HTML days (which was smaller than the desktop publishing window of yore). Tom Peters calls them OODA loops and they’re tightening all the time.

    Kindest regards to you and yours. gb

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