Podwalk 004

Yesterday’s stroll from South Kensington to Knightsbridge includes my first interview with a busker, insults for all and bit of a wobbly bit in the middle where I take some meaningless photos and refer to William Hill’s as a book-keeper rather than a bookmaker. More notes later after I listen again.

Also I’ve hit my limit on sets on flickr so it’s not so straightforward to set up a show. Thought I’d get it all up there anyway (ok except you see them back to front, the first one is south ken tube station)and look at it again later. Maybe some kind soul(s) would like to sponsor me by upgrading me to “pro”

Later later later.

7 thoughts on “Podwalk 004”

  1. Lloyd–
    Just listening to the opening of podwalk 4. Again, thank you. The V&A exhibition–a few years back–on Art Deco was brilliant, but not quite worth the price of admission. I went opening week and it was packed. Nice opportunity for a podwalk, no? Or, how about the Roman Exhibition at the British Museum–if it’s still on. Don’t know. Take the Family.

    My real suggestion for a Sunday Podwalk is the Camden Markets–Labarynthine, vast and fascinating. All the food stalls and shops. Sunday Lunch at the Lock Pub–get there early. On a chill spring day there is nothing finer.

    Anyway–keep up the great work. You’ll be holding up a gloved hand and leading tours of Pod Walking visitors to London as a side job.
    By the way, check out Adam Curry’s Link to today’s article in USA Today–very interesting and some ideas along what you have been thinking.


  2. By the way,
    Love the intro and outro music on the podmissions–slip in some Jegsy Dodd sometime if you have it.
    Re last podwalk–too bad the horny Slone Ranger is a thing of the past (or is it we’ve just grown up).
    Finally–Nice One! Managed to cross all barriers and piss off Royalty loving Catholic Yanks. Good thing you didn’t stop for a dodgy curry.
    Love it. Keep up the great work.


  3. Neal, totally lost me with Jegsy Dodd – from googling I guess it was a bit after my time (the mid eighties went in a bit of a blur…)

    As for Sloane Rangers – they’re still around and I’m sure they’re still horny, but I’m not the “bit of rough” I used to be and I haven’t made a few million yet either so they’re not interested in me any more.

    Great suggestions for locations – I like the market vibe – you’ve got to go where there are people for this stuff – and the museums are cool too – I’ll check out what exhibitions are on. Another idea I have is to go out with my friend Karen, who is a real live London tour guide and record a conversation with her as we walk along.

    I was perversely glad to see in the USA Today piece that they seemed to be talking about corporate applications “across the firewall” as it were. I’m thinking more for internal audiences, as you know and I’d actually decided on my way home to pitch it over the phone tomorrow to a client I have for whom it would be perfect.

    Thanks again for the support.

    PS I just looked further than your blog to your main site and saw where you’re living. gobsmacked…dunno why, but I kind of imagined east coast…totally cool!

  4. Lloyd,

    Just Googled Jegsy myself–I’m not sure what made me cough them up. I didn’t realize I was there at their beginning, and was it really wise of an East Coast Yank to be grooving around Brixton and Hammersmith in 1985? Good thing my talent for accents helps me blend in.
    Yes, you were correct I grew up on the East coast and came West after living in England and Ireland for a time. Is it any wonder I live on an island which is very much Cornish/ Arran in topography? Fortunatly for me I have plenty of mates in London and Beyond and I always have an excuse to go pond hopping. Now only if Bush would buck up the dollar against the pound. I should have hung on to my sterling from a few years ago. . . .

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  6. Hi Lloyd
    Great stuff – amazing the different texture it brings to London seeing someone else describe it! Also had me laughing out loud for some of it.

    Love the conversation idea – don;t know if you;ve got any architect friends but they’re always good for some interesting takes on things. Also, would you do any themed walks? Not necessarily Jack the Ripper but maybe say “wealth” and the city or something less political?

    Also, any chance of the London Eye 😉

  7. Great ideas, Piers.

    I spoke to Karen about a tour yesterday – she does Jack the Ripper, but doesn’t enjoy it very much (wonder why? girls huh!) We’re going to hook up and do it soon.

    An architect would be nice – giving a professional opinion on what we can see as a foil for my amateur ramblings (or vice versa)

    The thing with these conversations is going to be making sure we record what both of us are saying – difficult enough sometimes in a room where people have little space to move about, let alone out in the street (I might have to find an architect that I don’t mind cuddling up to).

    London Eye would be cool too, if I could pluck up the courage to do it myself (ooooooh scary heights) and if my family would co-operate – we haven’t done it at all yet and I think I’d be a bit unpopular if I went up without them.

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