Update: Note to self, shut gob till know what talking about. The way I describe that the stream should work is exactly how it works – it just doesn’t do that on the first batch of stuff when you import your subscriptions. From then on, it’s working fine. Still would like an enclosure link and some localisation so that my posts don’t show up in Pacific Standard Time, but I think this time I’ll take a closer look at the preferences before shooting my mouth off!

Looking at CNETs new online aggregator Newsburst and I particularly like the fact that I could easily take my bloglines subscriptions over and try out Newsburst quickly and easily. I also like the stream function, but it’s not quite right yet. I sent them the following feedback:

“This is general feedback and an explanation of my requirements that I either don’t see or don’t see how to do straight off the bat.

Firstly, thank you – great product – kudos for allowing OPML import and export and this was very straightforward for me taking my subscriptions from bloglines. This shouldn’t be such a big deal, and one day it won’t be but right now it is so well done and thank you for that.

I very much like that you’ve combined the stream with feed categories, but it doesn’t quite work the way my brain expects. I guess I’d like more choices – sometimes I want to look at just one of my categories as a stream – sometimes I want to look at all my feeds as a stream. In either case, I don’t want to have the stream chunked by feed. I want (at least the option of) a real stream of latest items, simply sorted by posting time regardless of where they’ve come from.

I also want stories to disappear once I’ve read them – unless I mark them as keepers.

If these bits of functionality are there, but I’m just too dumb to see it, please point it out. I’ll be sticking with bloglines (which at least knows what I’ve read) for now, but I’d really like the stream stuff.

btw Dashboard doesn’t work for me at all. Today online, I might look at occasionally.”

Oh now I’ve just remembered something else that’s missing. I don’t see my enclosures linked to when I look at my RSS 2.0 feed – back to the feedback form….

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  1. Sorry it took me a while get to this. Glad you found the Stream page. It’s not chunked by feed, it’s chunked by date of item, though the update frequencies of certain feeds can make that misleading.

    On your other ideas, definitely either under development or under consideration. Enclosures are not in the immediate future.

    We definitely need to consider local time (we knew that, but it wasn’t top of the list).

    Thanks for trying it out; please continue to tell us what’s wrong and what’s right.

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