And now….

for something completely different. I have some more podwalk material in the can, but it needs chopping up into digestible bits and there aren’t any pictures grrrr….

So for a Sunday evening chortle see what you think of this.

2 thoughts on “And now….”

  1. ..breaking into uncharted territory. . .Raw talent, hidden from view too long. . . .
    Just some of the things they should be saying about the latest Gem to cross the feed.
    Quite unexpected, but not unwelcome. Pythonesque in its innocent honesty. (or is that honest innocence?)
    Who knew?
    I don’t know what your download stats are, but this glutton for punishment will be coming back for more.

  2. hee hee – I really enjoyed doing something else for a change – glad it wasn’t unwelcome.

    download stats are difficult. I reckon I have about 20 regular subscribers, but some of the podwalks have had downloads in the hundreds, especially after Adam linked to one and put it in his soundseeing feed.

    I seem to have run out of day again, but yesterdays walk will be up soon.

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