Be alert… your country needs lerts

I feel much safer now

I’ve been using these inkernets for more than ten years now, so perhaps I’m a bit jaded and not in the target audience, but I can’t actually see anything of use in the UK Government’s launch of ITsafe.

  • It looks like someone’s GCSE coursework project
  • It has very little information – None of its publications have been launched yet – certainly nothing here to make me say “Wow, I must sign up for their alerts”
  • The information it does have is presented in interlinked mini-chunks which means that you lose interest before you’ve learned anything
  • It has that trippy picture of Hazel Blears (why is her desk outside?)
  • It has no RSS feed – you have to give them information about yourself to get their updates (like that’s so tempting)
  • It has those stupid made up FAQs – did anybody outside of your press office/web team think these up?

    I do think there’s an important point here that Government has still not realised that authority is not its right in this space. Authority comes from having something interesting and useful to say, not from being able to legitimately use a crown as your logo.

    And the presentation is so naff that it undermines the central aim, which is surely to build trust. This site says “We don’t know what we’re doing, but hey you will trust us anyway ‘cos we’re the government” Another pointless bit of public spending.