Podchef – is there no end to the variety in this man’s life?

on the plate

You are privileged enough to get to hear me go through my paces with Quick Lamb Curry, a midweek special, ‘cos I’ve been sick off work but back to bouncing by this evening.

An accompanying picture set is over on flickr.com

Mmmmmm…..smell that chilli and coriander…..


One thought on “Podchef – is there no end to the variety in this man’s life?”

  1. Just has a look at the photo set–sucking life in on the big cafe wifi mainland pipe–great stuff! Deliah, Jamie, Nigella, Gordon look out! But tsk, tsk–£4.99 Sainsbury’s polycontaintered lamb: have your fellow-country chefs not instilled in you their mantra of local, fresh, organic, individually sourced meats. . .do you know those chop’s pedigree?? ;-}
    Seriously–keep it up, can’t get enough of your creative strides.


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