Odeo, integrity and credibility

Dave reminds us of what we still don’t know about Odeo. And Adam talks about advertising and making money in podcasting.

What bugs me about Odeo is that they’re a “podcasting” company without any podcasts! How much credibility does that show – would you have bought blogging from Evan if he didn’t have a blog – ? To me, every day that that continues is more evidence that all it’s about is sucking cash out of a market that other people have built. And what’s annoying about that is not that people are making money – I love seeing people make money, I have my own company, I’m a capitalist – but that people who already are millionaires use their position of power to make even more money out of something that someone else has put the slog into – that’s capitalism that sucks. I know that this is projection, I don’t know what is in the Odeo grand master plan, but not having audio available on your site when that seems to be fundamental to your product doesn’t fill me with optimism – how does this fit with Dave’s definition of integrity? We shall see. Perhaps Evan’s presentation to etech will be on IT Conversations in six month’s time…




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  1. WEll spoken Lloyd.. I too have my doubts about Odeo… seem to be hopping on the bandwagon, without knowing anything about the wagon itself.

    And then of course they do the typically-annoying release delay… as they put up a site, spread the buzz, and then nothing. Ah the growing pains of this great art.

  2. Odeo, or Odeous? It seems Evan has a solid idea–come on, if we could do it wouldn’t we? However, in the rush to fill the vacuum left by the initial surge of podcast fever they have–can’t even call it a launch–shoved out a malformed product in a terrible color palate. Not only that, their marketing sucks–like you said, Lloyd, “Where are the blummin podcasts?” Even the latest posts in the blog are more defensive and less targeted to their supposed mission of bringing podcasting to the masses. I think we–the current generation of podcasters and listeners–have a great chance to forge a new paradigm of marketing and audience dynamic if only we can hold the doors of the stage shut against the old-school rabble trying to beat it down for a little while longer. Laize faire capitalism is fine–I hope to profit someday from it myself–but it does turn sour in time and needs to have a fresh coat of paint every now and again. I think that time is now.

  3. Thanks guys – I ranted about it a little later in a podwalk that I just did, which should be released shortly.

    I’m not entirely certain of the argument, but I think the nub of it is that the web is essentially a democratic place that can shift power to the little guys and gals – I’m becoming confident that that dynamic is a fundamental and ultimately unbreakable principle of the web and that undermining it is both dangerous to those who try and in the long term untenable, we will always find a way to work around people who want to centralize and get everyone doing things *their* way – unless they make some radical change to the way the web works – which of course is what’s so dangerous about some of the laws that are being passed around the world that effectively turn the web into television on speed, steroids and loads and loads of coffee at the behest of the Movie, Music & TV industries. Yay us – the future is ours, let’s keep creating it!

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