Podshow Shastradegy Casht

Dave Winer’s isn’t the only podcast I listen to every time it comes out, of course I listen to the Daily Source Code too. So I had to share this discovery with you – a couple of minutes from the master copy of Adam Curry and Ron Bloom’s strategy cast.

The two most plausible theories are a) that they did this as they were and then Adam weaved some audio-wizardry over it to make them sound (almost) straight or b) they were so pleased with the cast that they kept repeating and recording bits of it over and over into the wee small hours even though Ron was totally plastered and Adam was floating around on the ceiling, totally in love with the lampshade. You decide.

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Happy Birthday Dave Winer

I don’t really know Dave Winer, but in the world of blogs, everyone feels like they know the people they read and I read Dave’s blog everyday and I listen to his Morning Coffee Notes podcast.

Dave turns 50 today and he’s asked for links rather than presents. I’m glad to do that for him, but I also have a little extra. Doc Searls says some really nice stuff about Dave on his own blog today. But it’s also nice to hear what people say about you when it’s not your birthday and you’re not even there to listen. So I give you a clip from Doc’s presentation to LesBlogs last week where he summed up Dave’s contribution so far – with a stirring backdrop from Clara Butt way back in 1912 and chanting at the end from Euan Semple, Anu Gupta and Doc again.

Happy Birthday Dave!