Podshow Shastradegy Casht

Dave Winer’s isn’t the only podcast I listen to every time it comes out, of course I listen to the Daily Source Code too. So I had to share this discovery with you – a couple of minutes from the master copy of Adam Curry and Ron Bloom’s strategy cast.

The two most plausible theories are a) that they did this as they were and then Adam weaved some audio-wizardry over it to make them sound (almost) straight or b) they were so pleased with the cast that they kept repeating and recording bits of it over and over into the wee small hours even though Ron was totally plastered and Adam was floating around on the ceiling, totally in love with the lampshade. You decide.

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One thought on “Podshow Shastradegy Casht”

  1. Too right, mate! They must have sped up the public copy to give the appearance of normalcy. No wonder the refridgerator is empty and there is “no” mini-bar. . . .;-p

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