Introduction to Mobile Marketing

If you want to incorporate the use of mobile technology in your marketing strategy, particularly the use of SMS then you should make time for Helen Keegan‘s forthcoming one-day workshop on 18th May in London, W1.

Helen knows more about mobile marketing and customer experience in this field than anyone I know, she makes it real and tells a good story – this won’t necessarily be everyone’s bag, but if it is your’s, go for it.

[Disclosure: Helen’s been a good friend of mine since the early 1980’s when we hung out theatrically, darling, in the splendid city of Worcester – of course she was very very wee at the time and I was not much less wee myself. Although our relationship went on hiatus during the 1990’s, we have recently been trying to find common ground to work together and I think we’re just about to crack something. Helen *will* be an interviewee on a Perfect Path Podcast. She *will* also read the Cluetrain manifesto, or maybe listen to the audio book, as read by the authors, or maybe just keep listening to me quote bits at her witheringly.]

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