Perfect Path Audioblog 2005-05-12

grosvenorStretched out to 20 minutes this morning praise for Gastrocast #7, encouragement for the Fernwood Five podcast and more on Public Service Conversations.

Today’s picture reminds us who owns Oxford Street. Don’t you go whistling “This Land is Your Land” around here, boy!

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One thought on “Perfect Path Audioblog 2005-05-12”

  1. Cheers, Mate! Thanks for the mention of the G-a-s-t-r-o-c-a-s-t ;-] I’m glad the format is working. I think I am hitting a groove–I did the bread bit one day, and chilled out with the conversation the next even if I lost my concentraition. I edited out all the kid’s fights, interuptions and my nephew’s trying to kill themselves.

    It’s funny, just after I blogged the Fernwood bit I thought about transfering the tapes to MP3. I need to find them first, but it is something I am interested in doing. Morning Coffee Notes from May 7th had a bit of the same feeling.

    You seem to have hit a groove too. Like the morning thought jaunts and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. But, please, feed the podwalk need!

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