Sunday in the park with Lloyd redux

I went back to Speakers Corner yesterday (unfortunately sans data card in my camera so no pics) but strolled there from Hyde Park Corner (at the other end of Park Lane) and while I strolled, I talked into my recording machine, very very slowly. A kind of summary of some of the audioblogs from the last week, but also some response to Jonathan’s provocative post from last week. More later on today’s audioblog.

Warning: Speakers Corner is a place for people to speak their mind without constraint except as exercised by their peers. You will hear ideas from some of the speakers that I personally find repellent and offensive – I present them all here because I believe it’s important that we look at what people actually say when given that freedom rather than what we imagine they might say.

2 thoughts on “Sunday in the park with Lloyd redux”

  1. Speaker’s Corner was all very Spode and the Blackshorts this Sunday. . . . ( )

    I totally agree with you about the idea of the difference between a spontaneous podcast and the reading of a prepared statement. Back in my third podcast I reviewed a book. In order to get my facts/ feelings straight about the book I made extensive notes. When it came time to record I sat there like a dullard and read the notes almost verbatim. At the time I realized it felt wrong and I tried to vary my inflection and tone to add some character to the “reading”. I realized there was a difference in a podcast between reading a prepared statement, sharing my feelings off the cuff, and reading a quote from someone else. I have not done the preprepaired thing since. Talking points, yes. Quotes, yes. Personal essay–unless a critical, dramatic work, no.

    The thing about podcasting is the re-creation of media. Speaker’s corner is apropos. Those people are sharing their passion, speaking in an open forum and we choose to stand in front of them or move on. They, for the most part, are speaking off the cuff and the questions and harrassment are certainly unscripted. It is why Hyde Park on a Sunday is better than Skye TV and exactly like a podcast. Good stuff.

  2. Yeah that first guy was particularly Spode-like (if a little middle-class!) I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find him selling ladies lingerie.

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