2 thoughts on “Perfect Path Audioblog 050525”

  1. The irony in the closing statements of this blogcast make me wish I was a fly on the wall when you discovered, the words ashes in your mouth, that you were missing the all important cable. . . .Thanks again for the mention. My recognition–now up to 4 blogs, is exciting in such an overstated way. The tiller of intellectual soil motiff is a good one: Lloyd Davis, providing thought fodder for the world. . . .It has allowed my podcast to grow, for which I owe you much :-> When I sign that deal with Tescos I’ll try to get you free poly bags for life. . . .

  2. Yeah, I considered adding the sound of God laughing in the background at the end there. The trouble with breaking up ground is that (it’s tiring and) when you go around saying “Hey you got any rocky ground you want breaking up?” people often seem to say “Nope, thanks, we like our ground just the way it is” So I have to sneak in, at night, and just show them what I mean, while constantly running the risk of looking a complete dick when I foul up. Good job I like having an ego like Piglet’s balloon huh!?

    Thanks for the offer, you can never have too many Tesco poly bags 😀

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