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  1. Hi Lloyd,

    I’m one of the quiet, but regular listeners. I enjoy your podcasts. Thank you for them.

    I’m a semi-retired engineer living in rural Maryland, USA, with my wife and late-in-life young son. I consult a bit with Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, at the moment beta-testing medical imaging software on baboon brains. I keep a weblog at http://crofter.org/straws which links to “things which seem noteworthy, at least to some of us, at least at the moment”, with some photos, paintings and drawings.

  2. Bill, I’m glad you’re still here, since the early days (January!).

    I’m now subscribed to your weblog (I don’t remember seeing your link to the South Bank podwalk, do you ping Technorati?) – thanks for the reminder about In Our Time – as a result, I just enjoyed the Aeneid edition myself.

  3. Hi Lloyd:

    I live just south of Seattle, which is enjoying the most beautiful Memorial Day weekend weather in recent memory.

    Regardless of job title, I have always been a life long student and interested in knowledge management. I am a Microsoft partner and with them headquartered just up the path, I have spent a considerable part of the last couple of decades attempting to see where their software fits into my needs and the needs of the people I consult with.

    I am presently in the early stages of thinking about creating a blog/wiki to deal with my soon-to-be-undertaking of my learning experience with one of the Microsoft applications and its competitors.

    I think I first learned about you from coverage of Les Blogs. I still have a copy of your lunch chat on my hard drive. I then visited your blog, saw that you are into knowledge management and that we subscribe to several of the same blogs. I subscribed and have been reading your posts in my reader despite the fact that I forgot that our original commonality was knowledge management. I have been downloading and listening to several of your walking podcasts which I have enjoyed immensely. I recently told my daughter (who attends the University of Washington) that I listen to the podcasts of “some guy” in England who records while he walks around. Besides the regulation eye-roll, she asked me why I would be spending time doing that! I having been telling her that I didn’t know other than I really enjoyed them. They have given me some “reflection time” in days otherwise filled with “processing time.” I have grown to consider I have a relationship with this guy who doesn’t know me from Adam.

    When you mentioned in this podcast that you wanted to know more about your listeners, I went from my reader to your blog and my original rationale came back to me. And staying in that rationale state for at least a moment, I am curious as to your plans to post on more traditional knowledge management issues in addition to your podcasts. As you can see, I have no compunction against proposing additions to your task list without a concomitant addition to my own!

    With regard to the playground issue you raised, I listen to Dave Winer all the time. I download Adam Curry’s podcasts but don’t listen to them nearly as often. As a result, yesterday I listened to Dave’s “A 17-minute podcast with the missing bits on Trade Secrets and Adam Curry. We started a technology, business and artisitic partnership in public, and never explained why it fell apart. This is my side of the story.” I guess I’ll go back now and listen to a couple of Adam’s podcasts.

    I agree with the views you expressed about the playground. I don’t think we ever really leave it. Regardless of any facts in the Dave and Adam situation, we all know that life on the playground can result in some seriously hurt feelings that are going to take some time to heal with or without a joint effort in that direction. I wish both of these guys the best.

    Time to go out, sit on the deck and read… The Financial Times. Really. This routine Saturday form of relaxation on my part is also good for another eye-roll from my daughter.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Woo hoo, great to hear from you Robert, I’m so glad I asked.

    You can tell your daughter that you made that English guy laugh out loud. My daughter’s 12 and is already an accomplished eye-roller.

    I’m struggling with what to say about KM – there’s so much, the question is where to start. I also feel at the moment like the most I can do with the podcast is try to understand what the podcast is and what it’s for by doing it (if that makes sense)

    I have an item forming in my mind entitled “Why my podcast is not radio…and why it ain’t blogging neither” For me it has elements of each, but it’s more than both put together.

    I think that the interesting thing in podcasting is that it’s showing up the same challenges I see in clients who are trying to get a grip on KM – how do we use this technological opportunity to communicate, to join people together, to work across traditional boundaries, to create new ideas and then to propagate them effectively so that they have a chance to grow into useful businesses and how do we need to change our economic thinking in order to be able to make some money out of it all?

    Let me know when you get anything up online that I can look at.

    I think it’s sooo exciting – unfortunately it’s not just young women who roll their eyes – but I’m undaunted, I still think it’s really cool that we can make connections like this so simply.

    Thanks for listening.

  5. I am so glad that others have come forward. . .the pressure of being the Number One Fan is taking its toll. . . .;-p

  6. Hi Lloyd – you already know that I’m a lurking listener, but I thought I’d post up as others have too. Yours was the first ever podcast I ever listened to (one of your walks), and got me into RSS feeds, iPodder.org and even Flickr, all of which I am now using myself. I now listen to almost all of your ‘walk-to-work’ podcasts (though not always the whole of each one…), usually the same evening you post them, and am subscribed to your various blogs (even the one that only you and I have ever read).

    Unlike Robert, I listen to the Adam Curry side of the Curry-Winer divide; I tried a couple of Dave Winer’s podcasts but just couldn’t get all the way through them.

    Having listened to various podcasts for about a month now, I am becoming less interested in those that speculate self-referentially on the future of podcasting, and more interested in those that have thoughts from a perspective very different from my own, or ones which provide content that is directly useful or stimulating to me in relation to one or more of my interests, business needs or hobbies. So I’m trying various podcasts out, sticking with others and leaving others behind.

    I’ve now forgotten the question I’m responding to, so it’s time to stop writing. Please keep podcasting!


  7. Hi Lloyd:

    I have been planning on attending Gnomedex 5.0 (http://www.gnomedex.com/), which is being held in Seattle from June 23rd to 25th. When I went to register who should be listed as the two keynote speakers? None other than Adam Curry and Dave Winer. I look forward to hearing from both of them as I assume they have a lot of important information other than their disagreements with each other to pass on.

    I’ll let you know my impressions after the event.

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