G-Room Review Videoblog Part II – Shower Gel

OK a bit more detail on this. These products were given to me free by the g-room (on London’s Carnaby St) on the understanding that if I had anything interesting to say about them, I’d probably blog it, in a blogvertising sort of way. I haven’t been otherwise paid for this, neither did I receive the products under any conditions or constraints – I was free to do nothing but use the products and tell no-one if that’s what I wished. I tried (honest) to take it seriously and give you a real picture of my reaction to these products. Trouble is, I don’t really do serious very well.

In today’s episode you get to see me testing the shower gel. Ahem. Now, I don’t want to spoil it for you but I’ll just say that it is entirely safe for work. This is a family blog. If you want to see me testing shower gel with all the details, you’ll just have to get to know me a bit better. Perhaps buy me dinner, or at least some flowers once in a while.

For the squeamish among you who can’t bear to watch and see even the barest (ha!) hint of nudity, I liked the shower gel, but it was a bit thin and runny – it smelled nice and it got me clean.

Now since then the lovely lucie has pointed out in the comments that this sort of metrosexual nonsense is on the way out but unfortunately all the episodes are already in the can. I may do a sequel, if there’s sufficient demand, in which I eat cow pie, strike matches on my bare chin and go around grabbing young wenches by the hair and snogging them… hard… but only if there’s sufficient demand, you understand.


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2 thoughts on “G-Room Review Videoblog Part II – Shower Gel”

  1. A brave, yet tasteful, effort. Don’t think g-room Showergel will be leaping across the pond to the Podchef’s house anytime soon though. We Yanks don’t do showergel as a matter of course, and a runny one is right out of order. On the design/package side I prefer showergels which have a hanger of some sort–not that I’m a soap-on-a-rope sort of fan. . . .

  2. That’s what I always find in US hotels – plenty of little packs of soap, no shower gel. So I have to take my own (don’t like soap).

    Looking to be a nice series; can’t wait to see your use of 7…

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