Taking the PISS

Well the newly formed Pimlico Institute for Stormhoek Studies (PISS) is now open for business and we present our first video – Let’s Go Mento – amazing, but dangerous stuff.

Customer Safety Warning: This experiment combines ordinary products in an extraordinary way.

Do NOT try this at home, unless

a) you’re extremely rich and can afford to throw away $10 bottles of wine just like that
b) you *like* the taste of Shiraz with a hint of sugar, glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, etc…
b) you have a Stormhoek Security Licence (available for $500 from PISS) or
c) you’re stupid and you really really really want to.

Most mere mortals should stick to throwing their mentos into diet coke.

11 thoughts on “Taking the PISS”

  1. James, there’s really only one way to find out – I look forward to seeing your video documenting the experiment on YouTube shortly. However, I have it on good authority that the only effective way to prevent hangovers is not to drink too much wine in the first place. Boring, I know, but probably true…

  2. You bloody, brilliant bastard! They don’t call you clever Pete for nothing. . . .

    Kudos–another great, offkey production. Keep em coming!

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  4. @John, just one of the many spinoffs you’re likely to see…

    @Tart, oh boy, I got a smooch – I thought only cool dudes like hugh got them!

    @Chef, hahahahaha you ain’t seen nothin’ yet – does this answer your (lovely, kind) e-mail??

    @Adrian, actually Jack Hargreaves was the inspiration for that little hook, though clearly the spray in the face gag was a nod to dear old Fred too.

    @t-kitten, takes one to know one.

    @Rachel, great idea, but I think I get ruled out by this clause – ELIGIBILITY: This Contest is open to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding residents of Arizona, New Jersey, Maryland, Tennessee, and Vermont) though I might be able to get Hugh or Jason to enter on my behalf…

  5. Haha…this is brilliant. I love the fact that you not only made one attempt, but continued until you were completely successful in your “experiment”. 😛

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