A New Generation of Videobloggers

Peter joined YouTube 5 days ago and is this week’s number #1 for subscriptions (#31 of all time, so far). He’s 78 years old and talks simply and beautifully from his armchair “in the middle of the UK” about his life and what he thinks. This one is his latest and most touching – he’s not surprisingly blown away by the reaction he’s had from members of the YouTube community.

Peter’s a member of what we’re calling the New Generation – people who never thought they’d get this old, let alone have another fifteen or twenty years to live. He rocks. Watch him and don’t get goosebumpy and dewy-eyed. I dare you.

4 thoughts on “A New Generation of Videobloggers”

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  2. I noticed his #1 video last night but gave it a miss, as it was late. I forgot about it till you popped ole Peter in me reader. Thank you! You are absolutely right–he Rocks!

  3. One more thing. . .this grumpy old codger (whom I feel somehow very akin to), with his hip blues tunes and contemplative moods understands social media and Web 2.0 better than most of the rest of us.

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