Shot in the park, by David Wilcox


David has just published the video interviews he grabbed from people in Hyde Park last Wednesday.  Really interesting stuff here from a variety (though all male 😛 ) of perspectives, but of course you’ll be most interested (NOT!) to hear what inarticulate nonsense I came up with.  God, the park looks dry!  Hopefully the last few days rain has helped, but we do need lot’s more.  It’s my favourite sort of London day today – blue skies, sunshine, cool breeze.

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3 thoughts on “Shot in the park, by David Wilcox”

  1. Thanks Lloyd – I didn’t spot the disastrous gender imbalance till I looked through clips for editing, by which time it was too late. Something about who turned up when. By the time we got to the pub I had (fortunately perhaps) put the camera away.

  2. Well, the least I can do is confirm the actual shortage of women taking part in the conversation and that the bias wasn’t yours 😀

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