Red Pants – The Movie

I’ve been advised by several people that I need to be more exciting… or something. I think what people see is inconsistency – they know I’m a pesky imp inside, but the outside tends to be a little more subdued.

It was suggested some time ago, that a little gesture I might make to myself would be to have some red underpants. No I don’t really understand it either, but I’m open to suggestions and so, albeit after a little while – OK 2 months – of procrastination, I headed this morning to Marks & Spencer’s flagship Marble Arch store and found me a pair of red boxers.

Co-incidentally, it’s coming up to the anniversary of that whole G-Room shower gel/shampoo thing so for those of you who’ve missed seeing me naked, I present to you today, The Man in Red (Pants) with music by the man in black.