Red Pants – The Movie

I’ve been advised by several people that I need to be more exciting… or something. I think what people see is inconsistency – they know I’m a pesky imp inside, but the outside tends to be a little more subdued.

It was suggested some time ago, that a little gesture I might make to myself would be to have some red underpants. No I don’t really understand it either, but I’m open to suggestions and so, albeit after a little while – OK 2 months – of procrastination, I headed this morning to Marks & Spencer’s flagship Marble Arch store and found me a pair of red boxers.

Co-incidentally, it’s coming up to the anniversary of that whole G-Room shower gel/shampoo thing so for those of you who’ve missed seeing me naked, I present to you today, The Man in Red (Pants) with music by the man in black.

8 thoughts on “Red Pants – The Movie”

  1. oh my god i so now wish i hadn’t given you such a telling off about last night about not doing what was suggested you do over 2 months ago!!!! seriously though (if i can be at all serious after seeing that) thank you for being you and making me laugh once again.

  2. “Runway Model and Special Needs Advocate, Lloyd “Red Pants” Davis struts his stuff in rehearsal for the big event. . . .”

    Fecking Brilliant Laddie! Don’t think I’ll be trying to top this one any time soon.

  3. rosie: heehee – wasn’t I always just outrageous too though? I’m sure the body hair has come in inverse proportion to the amount of hair on my head.

    neal: I should think not, it’s getting a bit chilly in your neck of the woods isn’t it? And I have the benefit of living alone – what would Mrs Podchef and the little Podchef-ettes think if they walked into the kitchen and saw Daddy prancin’ around in his flanellette long johns?

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