Allowed out in public

It seems it’s my time to go conference bananas this month.

On Saturday 18th I’m doing one of my trademark open space lite sessions at Podcastcon UK which is being held quite inappropriately, I’m sure you’ll agree in an old meat market (it’s actually really nice, I have had a look).

I had hoped to go to VLOG Europe in Milan just for Sunday, but poor planning and bad cashflow management put paid to that (luckily I have alternative activities lined up…)

Then Tuesday 21st I’m speaking at The Data Show at Earls Court on “Getting into the Heads of Customers – how to understand, engage and participate in the online environment… the sphere that belongs to the customer” – personally I find the image of getting into people’s heads somewhat distasteful, but I’ll try to avoid the more unpleasant double-entendres! It’s part of a bigger direct marketing show – here’s the programme, it doesn’t look like there’ll be anyone else talking about this stuff there.

The month closes with Online Information 2006 up at Olympia where I am:

  • running a half-day open space on Monday 27th which I expect to be similar in tone to the one I did at the Blogs & Social Media Forum in May, only longer. If you think any of your clients or colleagues would benefit from talking freely and learning loads about Blogging and Social Media, get them to come along – the more the merrier!
  • moderating a panel on the Wednesday on The Risk & Reward of Social Software.
  • recording some of the sessions (audio, for release only to attendees I’m afraid)
  • running around in between doing my usual Rich Records schtick


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