Make Your Mark With A Tenner

Can’t be bothered to dig out an exact quote on the amount of cocaine that is alleged to be stuck to banknotes in the circulation, and I don’t know (naturally) how you would go about extracting it, but I think there’s at least a feasibility study to be done on how much you could make from washing out your ten pound notes and then exchanging them for others, then selling the coke.

Drugs and money-laundering (literally) – that’s the kind of stuff people have come to expect here (well at least it makes a change from semi-nudity and knob gags).

I’m sure that the young people who get involved in (which was launched yesterday by the totally brilliant Oli Barrett) will have more sense, moral fibre and honesty than to follow my hare-brained scheme (and of course kids, it harms other people and it’s illegal so is against the rules)

Oli’s premise, to encourage social entrepreneurship, is to give £10 each to 10,000 young people as a competition to see what good they can do with it, while they are also hopefully making a profit. You can see Oli and Andrew Reynolds (who’s putting up the dosh) in this clip from Working Lunch yesterday (though it will probably disappear from that location soon – grrrrrr! get it on youtube somebody!) [update:Adrian tells me it’s already disappeared, but I just heard from Oli that photos of the launch are on flickr]

The money is being distributed via schools and colleges, so if you’re in that world, go along and have a look. In the meantime, I’d love to hear how *you* would use your tenner for simultaneous good and profit.

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4 thoughts on “Make Your Mark With A Tenner”

  1. well i just found out from my teacher we are taking part in this and i am thinking of using it to buy ingredients from a cash and carry and making cakes take the profit and repeat. i have been doing a bit of maths on it and i can make from £5-£20 profit depending on what i choose i think i will start with the £5 profit because i feel it will be easyer to sell than the items that can get me almost £20 profit.

  2. Make your mark for a tenner sounds like a great initiative, can our students still get involved and how?

    We are a specialist sports College in Cambridgeshire.



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