The Alternate…what?

SOLT launched their ‘blog’ The Alternate yesterday.

OK, I’m still trying to get my head round the strapline “An alternative view of Theatreland from” I will give it some time to find it’s feet, but honestly what is alternative about this? What does the title mean?

I’d love to see some posts on what they are trying to do here (beyond the bland about us statement) and how they are going to be different from fan sites or the gossip columns of the freesheets.

I’d like to see something a bit edgier, a bit more backstage and with more imaginative use of media – we’ve been podcasting for 2 years now people – we don’t want (censored) transcriptions of interviews – let’s hear them, or even better, get your camcorder out and let’s see the luvvies! I’d also like to know that this is a community I can be part of, not just another part of the publicity/money extraction machine.

And a full text rss feed. Don’t make me click through, you’re making me work too hard to be your friend.

Most of all – get rid of the registration in order to comment. This says “you can only be my friend if you give me 5p”. This makes me nervous and not really want to play with you or recommend you to my friends.

I can help – you only have to ask.

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3 thoughts on “The Alternate…what?”

  1. When is a blog not a blog? I think it’s good that anything goes, but I like it to be accessible and personal and feel that I can join in if I want. Otherwise what’s the point?
    Talking of blogs, Lloyd- I need your help/advice with my dire blog situation (crisis/ opportunity?), When you’ve got a minute!

  2. heh! I may have some time in mid 2009! seriously though, let me know what it is that’s troubling you most and I’ll see how I can help/advise.

    And another thing… the SOLT blog only links to their own main website – one thing I want from a blog is to be sent somewhere else!

  3. Yeah- that’s a good point- I knew there was something missing.

    Lloyd, I think when you get round to having a look it may be self-explanitory…can you pencil me in for 2009?

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