Sometimes it gets plain weird

Sirens in KnightsbridgeSometimes life gets better. Sometimes it gets worse. Sometimes it just gets plain weird and this is one of those times. So yesterday I spent finishing off editing audio for Online, trying to chop up a whole bunch of video shot last Thursday into something useful, walking round Mayfair and Knightsbridge with a couple of bottles of wine and a camera and then listening in on the live feed and the backchannel for Leweb3 (also known as Le Meltdown, Le Politics and Le Tsfuckwiththeusers). While the snarking about Loic raged, I got a phone call from Jeffrey Walker in California.

Now it’s been a while since a software company president called me from San Francisco, so I took his call. (btw Dave Winer had just announced in the leweb backchannel that it was raining in Berkeley so I dropped that into our conversation 😛 ) Turned out Jeffrey wanted a record of the goings on at the Atlassian User Group at the Hilton Tower Bridge. I was just about to leave for there anyway, so I took my one-man-social-media-empire bag along and did the business. Karma++

There are photos on flickr:

There are three podcast files:

Scott Farquhar on the Atlassian Roadmap.
Lee Bryant from Headshift on their use of Confluence with clients (including a generous mention of my contribution to a recent project).
Mike Cannon-Brookes on how Atlassian use their own software in-house.

Video interviews with Mike, Livio Hughes and a selection of Atlassian users will follow as time and my brain permit.

[Update: Sam Sethi just announced via Twitter (now that’s weird) that he’s been fired for not removing Loic’s comment on the TechcrunchUK blog. scoop by Ben who knows a thing or two about messing with SixApart]