5 things you didn’t know about meme

minimeThanks Rachel for tagging me. I’m not a very secretive person (you may have noticed) so this feels quite hard. I’m sorry if you’ve heard any of these before.

1. My nickname at middle school was BB which came about on a trip to France when I was sitting on a coach in tight jeans, an older girl shouted – “God, ain’t that kid got big bollocks” It stuck.

2. I have ‘A’ levels in German, French, Latin so spent my 6th form going slowly mad from translation fatigue. Actually that’s not quite true, I spent my 6th form hanging around the Swan Theatre, getting laid and getting drunk which I count as the main reason why I got an ‘A’ for General Studies.

3. When at drama school, I particularly enjoyed the stage fighting course, but as a result of not paying attention in the “learning to fall” sessions I dislocated both my shoulders (on separate occasions). This is why I may refuse if you ever need carrying up the stairs and one reason among many why I’m unlikely to be seen bowling at cricket.

4. I have never taken a driving test. I had a course of lessons when I was 19 and one this summer, but I have never felt ready or motivated enough to go through with the formalities. This year could be the year… or maybe it couldn’t!

5. I was thrown out of my first student digs in Guildford just before Christmas 1984 because my landlord who was a milkman was sick of meeting me on the stairs coming in from a night of debauchery when he was going out to work. He pushed a note under my door saying “This is not a halfway house. Make sure you and your things are out of here by the time I get back from work today” I did.

Even harder, is thinking of 5 other bloggers who haven’t been tagged yet. That will have to wait till later because….

today’s my birthday. I’m 42. That just feels absolutely mad. I’ve never felt so disconnected from my solar age. It just doesn’t seem to matter one jot to me – not that I feel some other age, just that I’ve come to see that the number is totally irrelevant.