My first orange tree

It's an orange tree!I’m ashamed to admit such worldly inexeperience, but last week’s trip to Barcelona was my first to Spain and the second furthest south I’ve ever been.

So I just want to explain that I’m not used to these sorts of things. I went for a little walk at the end of the middle day of the conference and suddenly, there in front of me was a fruit tree… now I’ve seen apple trees and pear trees and damson bushes and blackberry hedgerows but I have never seen a tree with ORANGES on it.

And the thought of being able to just reach up and pick an orange off a tree, for free, without having to go into Sainsbury’s or tear a red stringy bag apart, taking your fingertips with it, took my breath away.

Next week…. LEMONS 🙂

5 thoughts on “My first orange tree”

  1. The line said “no comments” and I thought that was such a lonely sort of thing for it to be saying so I thought I simply must comment to congratulate you on your orange de-flowering, as it were. Pimlico and all its whiles will never be quite the same.

    On a different note. . .Nice change-over on the blog. I’m liking the look and feel of it, Sunshine. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Lloyd – nip into any garden centre and you can see mini-orange trees in tubs all over the place – they are rubbish though 🙂

  3. … I had the same feeling when I saw such trees… however there’s a reason they’re not being eaten — they’re a particular variety of orange that is too bitter to eat. I was in Seville and there were these monkeys hanging around, none of which were eating them either. If monkeys don’t eat them…. well, yeah best to go the supermarket 🙂

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