Blogging 4 Business

I’m at the Marriott in Grosvenor Square again at the second Blogging 4 Business conference, courtesy of Matthew Yeomans and Bernhard Warner.

Right now we’re listening to Stephen Taylor from Yahoo! talking about how social media is for everyone, not just for kids. He’s taking us through flickr as the perfect example of a social media tool.

Already in Matthew’s intro there was an emphasis on just how much has changed since last year – especially that last year, we were very focused on what the possibilities were, but this year we’re going to talk about what people have actually done since then.

Shows of hands are so last year, but we’ve already had one on flickr, though he didn’t ask how many of us were oldskool 😛 I may try keeping count.

Now he’s talking about social search and specifically Answers. Btw in related news, I saw this nice AFDJ from metafilter. Had me spluttering in my cornflakes anyway.

Steph has just sat next to me, Yay! But she can’t get on the limited free wi-fi. Boo!

And I’ve forgotten my USB cable for my camera so no pics on the day, sorry folks.

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