10 ways I make my life more difficult than it need be

I had a “Consider the lilies of the fields” moment yesterday and was inspired to twitter : “life is easy, effortless and always exceeds my expectations :)”

On reflection, these are the ways that I habitually squeeze the ease and effortlessness out of my life.

  1. I try to please all of the people all of the time
  2. I forget to call people I care about
  3. I have never taken a driving test
  4. I allow clutter to accumulate in my living and working spaces
  5. I worry
  6. I look for what I can get out of a situation instead of what I can give
  7. I start a new thing before I’ve finished the last
  8. I always look for ways to do the least possible to get by
  9. I don’t ask for what I want
  10. I don’t even admit to myself what I want

Oh, and 11. I take the whole thing waaaaay too seriously 😀

Let’s see if I can make some small improvements…

5 thoughts on “10 ways I make my life more difficult than it need be”

  1. Lloyd – chasing snow round the UK so you can build a snowman, sticking mints in bottles of wine to cause an explosion, doing that freaky thing with your face – hardly taking life too seriously.

    Or were you doing ironic?

  2. Rosie, thank you, that’s the consistent feedback I’ve had – we’re all more the same than we think 🙂

    Ade – tears of a clown mate, tears of a clown 😉

  3. Nice idea, Lloyd – seems like quite a cathartic thing to do to write a list like this. A lot of these would probably appear in my list methinks

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