What’s the web for?

A slow project this one. Ask as many people as I can remember to do when I’ve got my camera with me to answer a “simple” question – “What is the web for?”

I tried it out at the Tuttle Club a few weeks ago. This is what came out of the mouths of some of the Smartest People in Social Media (TM)

So there are two ways I want to take this forward. I want to do it with a more diverse group of people, and I want to edit a bunch of them together in a watchable way. Your thoughts on how to do this are welcome.

I have more. I will release them. Soon.

4 thoughts on “What’s the web for?”

  1. Great idea, Lloyd! The cool thing to do would be for people to be able to record their own view on what the web’s for, without you or anyone else needing to be there.

    How though? You’ve got the wtw4 tag which could be used to aggregate content. Maybe use a wordpress blog with the seesmic plugin, so people could add their own really easily. Couldn’t help but check, whatsthewebfor.com is available…

  2. Hey Lloyd,

    If you don’t mind, I’d love to ask this question at some local events here in Orlando – this is such a simple question, and I don’t believe any two people will ever answer it the same way.

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