Two weeks to gogo

It's getting more and more exciting.

Bits of corporate support and sponsorship are coming together, though no announcements yet.

I've set up an IndieGoGo page for individuals to contribute and help spread the word.  If you want to help, of course a donation's great, but really really what I would love is if you could push that page out to your networks with a recommendation to help me out.

My parents have said that they will underwrite a 30-day Amtrak rail pass for me in return for including a photography project in what I do while I'm away (more details of that later) I'm hoping it makes them feel more secure that I'm not going to be completely stuck 🙂

I've started talking to friends in California about the first days of the trip – sadly it looks like Loic is going to be in NYC at that point, but I'm hoping to be able to visit the lovely Scobles in Half Moon Bay – not sure, of course, how long I'll be in the SF area but get in touch if you're there and want to meet up or do something interesting.

I'm sorely tempted to move on from there down to Long Beach for the BIL Conference – it doesn't get me terribly far east, but y'know it's the people 🙂

Deep breath…

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