Day 0.2

I *was* very tired last night after I wrote. I was in bed by midnight and I slept until 10am this morning although I had a little wake-up-with-busy-head session for an hour or so around 6am.

I was reminded that I need to remember to take the big but difficult actions that I know will make progress rather than focusing on lots of peripheral stuff that's easy but doesn't get much done. 

Another $260 came in via indiegogo.

I was also reminded that when I put stuff out there, there are people who don't get it immediately and they ask questions and offer criticisms.  I have to have a way of dealing with that, that isn't just about sweeping it away and saying it doesn't matter.  Yes "h8ters gonna h8" but I gain a lot more from engaging with questions and ultimately understanding the ideas better myself.

Having criticism voiced also drew out some thoughtful writing from supporters. Thank you.

I'm keeping a video diary that I'm not publishing yet.  I expect to weave it into the movie.  I don't think I said anything in tonight's entry that I didn't put in posts today so it's not keeping stuff secret, just that I want to be able to thread the story together including some stuff that isn't released immediately.

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