Yesterday, Emma (@hubmum) asked "is this a charity thing or fund my holiday?"  today the ever-charming Milo (@nerosaid "Social media moron redux Is this a spoof? The guy just wants you to pay for his holiday… What am I missing?"

I know that if someone's prepared to call me a moron, at least I'm doing something worth talking about.  On the other hand, I think it's an interesting reaction and worth answering.  

Do I just want you to pay for my holiday? No, course not. The simple answer, I gave to Emma on twitter yesterday is that it isn't a holiday at all.  "It's a performance, a writing and film-making project" and I'm using the tool of crowdfunding that is increasingly used as a way of people being able to make art projects happen by going straight to their audience beforehand without jumping through complicated funding hoops for big chunks of cash from big funding bodies or corporations.

I guess there are two bits that people have been interested in funding.  The first is the performance.  They'll enjoy watching me make my way coast-to-coast, seeing what happens, where I go, what I learn, being part of the adventure without having to go and do it themselves.

Then there's the writing and film-making – people want  to hear the whole story with some reflection and analysis – some people are particularly interested in the social capital angle, understanding what the value is of working in this way – some people are just taken with hearing a hero's journey played out by someone they know.

That's why I think people are supporting my work, but I'd be fascinated to hear more from those who've already  contributed and anyone who's wavering too.

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  1. It may not be a holiday, but it sure as hell isn’t “work” either. Not by any remotely sensible definition of the term.

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