One last push

Thanks again to everyone who's contributed already.  It's amazing and heartwarming to me that so many people gave without me having to beg.  There has to be an end date for the campaign and I chose today (actually midnight PST which is 8am GMT) so that I'd have the bulk of funds before I went away.  Credit Card donations are held in escrow until the end of the campaign and I won't get them until Friday.  So if you want to give something *before* the trip has started, maybe you didn't realise it was going to close or perhaps you've changed your mind reading this, please do so.

By supporting this project you will be:
* increasing understanding of the dynamics of social capital created through social media
* co-creating an inspiring online adventure story
* helping create a repository for a large amount of detailed source materials, licenced for use by anyone with some rights reserved. 

However, while I've paid for my flights and have enough for basic expenses for the time being, I need to find some other ways of raising money to fully cover my overhead while I'm away.  This is not only my rent (which is due towards the end of the month) and utility bills but also the weekly contributions I make to my children.  I'm open to suggestions on how to do this – I'm not necessarily convinced that it needs to be another indiegogo campaign, it might simply be about encouraging one-off micropatronage donations – I trust that you'll all have better ideas than I can come up with.  

And I'm not up to sorting it out tonight, I have to finish packing and want to be in bed at a reasonable time to get to the airport for 9am…

Originally posted on Please Look After This Englishman