things that make you go :S

I’ve noticed these since I’ve been back through Birmingham a few times, the old cast iron street signs like this:

are being replaced (or at least augmented) with plastic copies like this:

I’m sure this will have been noticed elsewhere (oh yes).  I don’t like. I’d rather have the old one’s left as they are, the plastic replicas feel a bit too Disney to me.  Um… actually I don’t want them left like this though, a regular rub down and repaint would be good.

However, I don’t pay council tax here (as a #llobo I don’t pay it anywhere) and I’m not sure I’d want it to be top of the City Council’s priorities, but if I lived here, perhaps I’d want to be able to easily get permission to repair the street furniture or employ someone trustworthy to do it for our street.  

This occurred to me in London too the other day – I was walking over Wandsworth Bridge and the paintwork’s looking quite shoddy.  I’m sure one could quite easily crowdsource the money and local effort to pay for a community-based repainting party, but good luck sorting out permission from whoever’s responsible for its upkeep.

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