Where to sleep tonight? You decide! #llobo

On my walk today I crossed two bridges both of which seemed like reasonable shelter for a #llobo tonight.  Trouble is I can’t decide which one – the big wooden one has my vote at the moment, there’s a lot more space and branches with plenty of foliage to help create my bed.  The concrete one won’t let the rain through though… Hmmmmm…. help me decide, folks.

Of course I jest!  My kids are always ribbing me that being a digital hobo means that i live under bridges and sell buttons and ribbons in order to get food.  Well I shall be tucked up tonight in my comfy bed with a big fat duvet as usual, never you mind.

It was a lovely walk though, about a 5 mile round-trip to the Chimney water meadows and the Thames (that’s the big wooden bridge over it).  I walked a little up the Thames Path too, but decided I’d had enough and it was time to turn back. On the way back I saw a signpost to a Bird Hide, so I found it and went in and sat for about 15 minutes in which time I saw some Great Tits and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker… you can’t make this stuff up…

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