#llobo clothing inventory

I’ve just done a quick count of the clothes that I’m carrying with me.  I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before, but hadn’t.  I suppose I packed in a hurry, concentrating more  on getting stuff into storage than what I was taking with me.

So in my suitcase (plus what i’m wearing right now) I have:

11 pairs of underpants

14 pairs of socks and one odd one

14 t-shirts

7 shirts (2 of which are short-sleeved)

2 jumpers

2 pairs of jeans

a pair of shorts

swimming trunks

an anorak-type jacket

1 pair beach shoes

1 pair ordinary shoes

I generally only wear one shirt or t-shirt in a day, I can’t think of a time when I’ve had to change, apart from when I’ve been doing a lot of physical work during the day.  I change underpants and socks every day.  This means that I need to do a wash at least every 10 days and therefore at any time I have 10 shirts & t-shirts more than I need and 3 “spare” pairs of socks.

As it’s getting cold, I’m going to have to get my winter coat, cap and scarf out of storage.  I shall probably put a few shirts and t-shirts away and leave the jacket and beach shoes behind too.

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