Allan Jones sings #allofme

This is the sort of scene that made me want to be able to sing well.  I loved to hear guys like Allan Jones who made this big voice while singing soft songs – the link is that he got started in a couple of Marx brothers films, much of my childhood Sunday afternoons involved soaking up black and white movies.  Girls loved this stuff.  If you want women to fall madly in love with you (and of course you do), then learn to sing.  And let them drive you around in a car, while they wear ridiculous headgear and your voice cuts through the fact that you're in a open-top sports car while singing the soppiest of songs.  And they grin at you and you've got it made. That's the message I took anyway.

Also there was always a snigger in our house because my father's best man was called Alan Jones (with one 'l') so y'know "ha ha it's Alan Jones!".

Didn't know till I looked him up that he was Jack Jones's father.

PS I could have sworn I did an audioboo of this song at some point in the last couple of years, but I can't find it anywhere… boo.

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