On the road again

I'm unfixing my abode and going up to Birmingham and its environs for a few days, I have some potential for retreat in Oxfordshire later in the month and I'm cat-sitting in Wood Green in a couple of weeks (oh the glamour!) but otherwise freewheeling.

I'm always up for chats, tea, coffee, idling etc. I love talking at length to an audience about what I do, also ask about underground archive film screenings and face-to-face work.  

The way it works is you need to nab my time, don't wait for me to be coming near you.  If you call, I will come (AM&OSKE*).  Maybe not immediately and sometimes more quickly if you wave a wad of notes under my nose or can sort travel and accommodation expenses, but really, say now and we'll pencil something in.

(*Axe-murderers and other serial killers excluded, sorry)

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