Indestructable! #allofme

This.  Over and over and over.

Knowing that I would be a grown-up in the 21st Century was very exciting.  The jury's still out on how exciting it actually is.  However I think if it's more exciting it's going to be for different reasons than I'd thought.

I doubt that we're going to find that Martian Mysterons actually have a base on our Moon and that we'll be at inter-planetary war with them by 2067 and I hope not to be proved wrong.

Oh to be indestructable. Oh to be able to do the most dangerous of things, to shoot guns, to climb up to the tallest of tall buildings and to slip and fall and still be OK. Oh to live and work in Cloudbase. Oh to hang out with girl pilots called the Angels. Oh to sound a bit like Cary Grant.

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